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Semester 1: September - February
EYT Festival

Every year in February, all of our Senior groups compete in a large-scale theatre festival. They get to perform in a professional theatre in front of a large crowd made up of their parents, their friends and families, their fellow students, and members of the wider Brussels theatre scene. Students are also encouraged to watch each other's shows, fostering a sense of community amongst the groups, and allowing them to learn from each other's performances.

During the semester, Senior students build their performance skills with their teacher, learn to take on responsibility for themselves and for their group, and bond as a group, culminating in a thrilling experience as they tread the boards in front of a large audience. 

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Semester 2: February - June
Skill-building and End of Year Show


After the EYT Festival, our Senior groups start work on their end of year show. This is a smaller show, which they perform to their peers at the Senior party in June. The emphasis here is on fun and skill-building, since we know that Senior students already have more than enough work with school and exams during this time.

The groups also take part in masterclasses during this time: these are classes that focus on specific skills and disciplines, including devising, miming, poetry, physical theatre, trust exercises, and more.

At the end of the second semester, the Seniors all take part in the Senior party, where students perform their shows and find out the winners of the EYT Awards!



September to December


LAMDA exams are an accredited qualification in theatre and dramatic arts, examined by one of the UK's top drama schools, the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA).

Every year, EYT prepares over 100 students for their LAMDA exams, from the ages of 6 to 18. As they begin their LAMDA journey, students can learn to perform short monologues and poems, working their way up to classic texts and complex modern works when they reach the higher grades.

There are exams in Acting, Verse and Prose, Shakespeare, and many more! These qualifications contribute points to your UCAS application for British universities, and are recognised worldwide as valuable experience which can added to your CV or university application!

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February to May


EYT+ gives students who are interested in taking acting seriously the chance to create high quality theatre, for an audience of both their friends and families, but also members of the wider theatre community.

Unlike EYT's other classes, students have to audition to take part in EYT+. The primary factors that are taken into account are work ethic, commitment, ability to work in a team, and acting ability. All EYT Senior students can audition.

Each year, the group takes on a new play in February, and performs it in May. They also take part in skill building classes, which boost their skill set and prepare them for the world of professional acting.

International Exchanges



As well as our usual curriculum of theatre performance and skill building, EYT also offers International Exchange Programs with other youth theatre groups during the holidays. In 2023, we welcomed a group from Tynset, Norway, to Brussels, and led a one-week theatre workshop building skills in improvisational theatre and character-building, as well as learning about each other's cultures through exploring Belgium, playing games and hosting activities together. In 2024, EYT took part in a return trip to Tynset.

We have partnerships with groups all over Europe, including Serbia, Romania and in the UK. We're always looking for new international partners to work with.

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