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Our classes are divided into 3 main age groups: Juniors, Intermediates and Seniors. At some of our locations we have more than one of each age group. We apply these age ranges flexibly to suit the needs of students, and to equalise class sizes.

Juniors (Age 6-9)

In the Junior group, we welcome the youngest of our students to the world of theatre. They may have discovered it through their school play, or their parents may just want them to have somewhere to practice their English : but either way, it has to be fun. Every year, each group performs a short play for an audience of their friends and family.

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Intermediates (Age 10-13)

In the Intermediate group, we continue to develop the necessary skills for performance, moving on to more challenging work, and teaching the students to accept more responsibility for themselves and each other. From classic scripts to original works, they are exposed to new challenges and ideas. For their production, the Inters come together for a large-scale show featuring all groups, where each group performs a 15-20 minute section.

Seniors (Age 14+)

From pantomime to challenging contemporary themes, almost nothing is off the table for the Senior group. New skills are introduced, new works explored (both classic and contemporary), and their understanding of different genres is broadened. At the end of their production term, each group performs an entire one-act play as part of the EYT Festival, where they get the chance to perform in a professional theatre for a large audience.

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