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International Exchange Programs

As well as our usual curriculum of theatre performance and skill building, EYT also offers International Exchange Programs with other youth theatre groups during the holidays. In 2023, we welcomed a group from Tynset, Norway, to Brussels, and led a one-week theatre workshop building skills in improvisational theatre and character-building, as well as learning about each other's cultures through exploring Belgium, playing games and hosting activities together.
In 2024, along with Teater i Fjellregionen, EYT is preparing a return trip to Tynset. More information will soon be available about this project.

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Norway Exchange Graduation 68.jpeg

Other Exchange Opportunities

We believe that travel broadens the mind, and offers students the chance to discover new ways of practicing their art. We are therefore always on the lookout for opportunities to travel, host, and broaden our students' horizons.

If you represent a youth theatre, school or drama project somewhere outside of Belgium, please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss opportunities to arrange an exchange! You can contact us by email at or by WhatsApp at +32 455 12 56 51.

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