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Teaching Staff

This page will introduce you to our team of drama teachers and professionals.

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Meet The Team

Lynne Website.jpg

Founder, Artistic Director

Lynne has more than 45 years experience in the world of theatre. She trained as a professional actress at drama school and has been the manager of three professional theatres in the UK. She has been teaching, acting and directing in Brussels since 1995.

Dave Website.JPG


Having worked in places as varied as Jim Henson's Creature Workshop, the set of the 1996 movie Lost In Space and at the BBC, Dave's truly been all over. He's got a degree in 3D Design for the Entertainment Industries, and has been teaching for 15 years.

Steve Website.JPG

Teacher, Director

Alongside his 20 year career in teaching, Steve has directed for many of the am-dram groups in Brussels, and has won multiple awards. He also writes, and his play "A Slacker's Guide To Western Theatre" was performed by Bedlam Theatre on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Jake Website.JPG


Admin, Teacher, Director

Jake has been teaching for more than 10 years at EYT. He is both a reluctant Englishman and an avowed Belgian. He prides himself on being a jack of all trades, with interests in directing, acting, film-making, rap music, graphic design and photography, among others.

Mary O'Rourke.jpg

LAMDA Teacher

Mary has taught for many years, in both primary and secondary schools and has run drama clubs wherever she worked. She was one of the first leaders of the Trinity Arts Centre Youth Theatre in Kent. She has adapted many stories for the stage and written original plays.

Ben Website.JPG


During his time at EYT as a student, Ben played the role of Leo in "Bassett", which earned him a Best Actor nomination at FEATlets 2012, and Dexter in "Shut Up" in 2013. He is also an avid football enthusiast, having played for Union Saint-Gilloise as a teenager.

Lucy Website.JPG

Teacher, Director

Lucy has a long history with theatre, with both her parents working backstage. She pursued this interest at university with a degree in Acting. After spending some time abroad working as an entertainer in various hotels, she settled in Belgium, where she got involved in Am-Dram and directing.

Glenn Website.jpg

, Teacher, Director

Though Glenn would claim to be the least artistic member of his family, he has directed several plays on the Brussels Am-Dram circuit, including productions Death of a Salesman, Glengarry Glen Ross and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolfe?

Simon Pride Blur.jpeg

In his 40 year career, Simon has been an actor, a director, a teacher, a lecturer in theatre, and the Rector of London's most theatrical church. He is Lynne's oldest friend.

Simon has been the Rector of St Paul's Covent Garden (the Actors' Church) for over 10 years, and is a prominent member of the West End's theatre community.

"I am so proud to be the patron of English Youth Theatre. Theatre brings so much joy to people every day. It is a gift for life for all children." - Rev. Simon Grigg

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