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During these strange times we're living through, it's difficult to predict where things will go from here. Since at this point no one really has any idea when things will go back to normal, we have decided to offer a series of alternative classes online during the lockdown. We're calling this initiative "EYT Online."

While we're in discussions with some associates who could offer some extra online support, we're currently offering two online classes. We hope to add more classes to the roster soon. All classes are offered at no extra cost to normal term fees.

LAMDA Classes:

While LAMDA exams having been pushed back to September due to the virus, we are aware that students will slowly lose the progress they have made on their LAMDA pieces unless it is regularly practiced. For this reason, we are offering one-on-one lessons for all students taking part in the LAMDA exams. These classes will take place on the same day as their usual classes, at a time agreed upon by both the teacher and student.

Film Club: In this activity, the students watch a film selected each week by the group, and then discuss it as a group with the teacher. The class will learn to critically analyse the media they consume, to make their argument in a clear and concise way, and learn a new appreciation for quality media. This class will meet every Wednesday at 3:00pm, and will be mixed between location groups (a great chance to get to know some of the students from the other centres!).

If you have any further questions about EYT Online, feel free to email us at

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