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EYT Online update + New Features

Since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, we, like many other activities across the country, have had to find new ways to bring our teaching to the students. That's why we launched EYT Online, an entirely online experience for students to keep up with their classes, and for parents to keep up with all of the information on their kids' activity in this fast-changing world. EYT Online is a collection of different services: first and foremost, the teaching has moved from the physical space to the online space, with teaching now taking place on Zoom. Since we understand that demand for activities throughout the week has increased, we have created several new activities for students to take part in:

- ACTING COACHING (All students): this is the replacement service for our usual LAMDA teaching, as well as general coaching for those students that don't want to take LAMDA exams. This takes place on Friday evening for the Senior groups, and Saturday morning and afternoon for the Junior and Intermediate groups. (full schedules in the Members' section) - SOCIAL CLUB (Inters & Seniors): It's just what it sounds like: a place for the older students to get together and chat, about anything and everything, in a safe and moderated forum. This activity takes place every Tuesday at 5pm for the Intermediates, and 6pm for the Seniors, and spans all teaching locations, so the students from different groups can get to know each other. - FILM CLUB (Inters & Seniors): Every week, a film is chosen by the group for everyone to watch, and then we get together to discuss the themes, techniques and ideas of the film. This activity is all about building up the students' critical thinking skills, and teaching them to understand films on a more technical level, too. It takes place every Thursday at 5pm for the Intermediates, and 6pm for the Seniors.

- FUN & GAMES (Juniors): This activity, specially created for the littlest ones, is all about having fun with drama games and activities. It takes place every Wednesday at 5pm.

All activities are available to their respective groups at no extra charge to the usual term fees. They will also continue throughout the school holidays in May (as they did throughout the Easter holidays) since we expect no one will be traveling during these times.

A session in collaboration with Theatre Acting Club, Bucharest

EYT Online also includes two other new features to help students keep track of their classes, and easily find the resources they need for them: - WhatsApp Group: This is the primary news forum, where we post information for parents and students. Any EYT member can join the group (parent or student, or both), so if you want to be included, get in touch with us at, or simply text Jake. - Members' Area: In order to keep teaching information safe, we have created a Membership feature on the website which will allow students and parents to access their teaching schedules and learning resources. In order to gain access to it, you'll need to sign up using the "Log In" button in the website header. Each membership request is individual confirmed by the administrator, in order to ensure that online parents and students can access it.

In the case of the Members' Area, this is a feature we will continue to update and use long after we all get back to normal classes! It will be used to hold extra learning resources for all our students, as well as their LAMDA pieces, scripts, and special worksheets for their LAMDA classwork.

If you are an EYT member who wants to get back into class, please get in touch with us as soon as you can. We hope to see you in class soon!

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