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EYT Shows: 13 December

This December, EYT has got a treat for you! Six of our groups are preparing their own individual shows! These plays will be performed at the beautiful main stage of Zinnema (pictured below). This fully professional theatre is a short 15 minutes metro ride from the centre of town, and has over 350 seats, so even with social distancing, everyone will have the chance to see their child in action!

The five shows being prepared are: WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE (Uccle Juniors, Woluwe Juniors) A theatrical adaptation of the classic children's book by Maurice Sendak. Join Max, a rebellious young man, as he journeys across the seas to the land where the Wild Things are!

CLOUD BUSTING (Woluwe Intermediates)

Despite his Mum's insistance, Sam doesn't want to be friends with Davey, who he thinks is a grade A moron. But one day Davey saves Sam life, and a bond is formed between them. But little by little, when it's just the two of them, he has to admit that his weirdo friend is a lot of fun. But then something terrible happens to Davey...


In a world where beauty is the only thing that matters, and all citizens must get plastic surgery on their 16th birthday, one young man decides to stand up to the system, and tries to teach his fellow Birthday People to think for themselves and find their sense of self-worth. ZERO FOR THE YOUNG DUDES! (Woluwe Seniors 1)

The inmates at a bizarre summer camp are plotting a revolution... Or has it already happened? THE SNOW DRAGONS (Woluwe Seniors 2) Raggi are her friends spend their time playing vikings in the woods of their sleepy Nordic town. But when enemy soldiers occupy the village, they form the Snow Dragons, the 'last line of resistance' against the invaders!

The shows will take place at 1pm and 5pm at Zinnema Theatre, in blocks of three. 1pm: Where The Wild Things Are (Uccle), Cloud Busting, The Beauty Manifesto 6pm: Where The Wild Things Are (Woluwe), Zero For The Young Dudes, The Snow Dragons


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